About MyFight

We are in business to end poverty.

As we see it, fundamentally extreme poverty is the foundation of the greatest injustices facing our world. Women are often at the most risk in extreme poverty, consequently so are their children. MyFight addresses the root issue more than the symptoms of the problem.  To help break the chains of poverty, we empower women.  

We work with those who spend themselves defying the odds.  Our amazing products are made in countries better known for their poverty rates than their artisan skills--and we seek to change that.  

The entrepreneurs with whom we work are themselves visionaries and doers, women who don't accept the way things are, and who have committed themselves to changing their world.


 Every bead is hand forged using traditional skills from artisans in Ethiopia. Originally, brass bullet casings leftover from former war conflicts and hunts would be collected from the fields, melted down, and forged into beads. 

After the forging, select beads are then coated with silver and copper, giving each one a uniqueness of it's own.

By purchasing our products, you are helping us make a difference. And for that, we thank you.